Our Rental Program


Being  a family of musicians - Wrights Music Shed has a primary focus on music education needs from accessories to instrument rentals. Our rental programs are geared towards our customers providing the best instruments available from the best brands. Our goal is to give our customers quality and create the best experience for our customers and their child in music education. Just like motor vehicles, we understand the importance of proper inspection, care, and quality makes for a better experience. 

Having partnered with the best music education supplier, NEMC, we can  accomplish that goal and help your child achieve their aspirations in  music. Based on your location, please follow the instructions below to view available inventory for renting your child's instrument. 

Step 1: Please select the nearest location in which your student attends school.

Step 2: Once you have selected your location below, select the school in which your child attends.

Step 3: Follow the instructions through your rental application.

 Step 4: Pick up the instrument and purchase materials recommended by the instructor.

Please  note - Wrights Music Shed knows from dealing with your child's school some of the accessory needs such as (books, reeds, valve oil) needs.  Most instructors will issue an introductory letter which entails all the  materials needed. Wrights has done the research for you, but be sure to  bring those materials for quick and easy service to our location. 

Wrights Music Shed also holds all instruments in stock at our locations in PA and NY and can accommodate your needs in person. If you would like to  call ahead to our stores, our numbers are listed on the about page. You can also send us an email to ed@wmshed.com and we will respond with in a reasonable amount of time.

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